• Image of ENAMELIZED: Graffiti Worldwide  Gastman 2004 1st Edition

Another RARE 1st issue release from the ProFreshionalism Vault. Only 1 available at a steal of a price.

Enamelized: Graffiti Worldwide
120 pages
1st Edition Paperback
Out of Print
7" x 9"

Enamelized is a book about down and dirty graffiti in the Streets! This lush international survey looks at what's really happening in the urban graffiti scene, not in the galleries, art schools and computer labs. Enamelized features the diverse and unique styles of urban graffiti bombers and the full spectrum of graffiti from the quickly executed tag to full color pieces displayed in the context of the urban environment. Over 250 pieces of graffiti from around the world including Brazil, Denmark Holland, Canada, England and Germany are brilliantly reproduced in full color. One section printed on special Kraft paper focuses on the profusion of graffiti in and around Philadelphia. Artists featured include DALEK, CYCLE, CLAW, SKREW, AMAZE, BATES, ESPO, Grey, GIANT and EZO to name a few.

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